About Hausa Wikimedia

Wikimedia Hausa is a registered organization in Nigeria established to support volunteers in the Hausa-speaking region who work on Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Hausa User Group (an association for the sharing of free knowledge) is a Nigerian non-profit organization that brings together Wikimedia projects' users and advance global Wikimedia knowledge curating and dissemination misssion. The organization was created in August 2019 and approved as official Wikimedia Affiliate in the same year. The principal mission of the organization is to support Wikimedia projects and their contributors. It was inocorporated as Wikimedia Hausa Foundation, an educational non-profit, with Nigeria's Corporate Affairs Commission in November 2022. The association has about 150 members.

Who are we?

We are committed volunteers to Wikimedia educational projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, etc; and we work to increase participation and understanding of free knowledge. To achieve our objective, we have these strategies:

  • Increase content (in quality and quantity) and for this we organize several projects.
  • Build and sustain communities and editor base: We support contributors in their individual or collective level, by offering human, financial and material resources.
  • We forge partnerships with mission-aligned organizations such as NGOs, colleges and universities to widen the reach of our activities.
  • Increase the skills of community members: We offer trainings, and retrainings throughout the year..
Why Join

Joining the Hausa Wikimedia association means showing your active support for free knowledge and in particular for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

  • you show your support for Wikimedia Hausa and give it more weight in its relations with its interlocutors;
  • you participate in the various events and meetings organized by the association
  • you are informed of association's activities, programs and schedules;
  • you can be supported by the association during projects, for example data support program and other organizational support
  • you can also interact and share ideas with other members through our social media groups and discussion lists.